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Meet Javier Rico González and business transformation team!

Javier Rico González
Business Transformation Consultant

In Capgemini since: October 2017
Hobby: sport and historical novels


Your first position at Capgemini was…
Finance and Accounting Process Specialist

First thought that comes to mind when you think Capgemini is…
Possibilities. In a company like this one, you have a lot of possibilities to develop yourself and your career in many directions. Like the Expert path or the People Management path. Apart from that, you can perform your work in a specific project during some years and growing there or change project after some time to develop a different knowledge . You have even the opportunity to work in some other projects for two or three months while you work in your main one.

What is your typical working day like?
That’s one of the things that I like about my work. It’s almost impossible to answer this question. Depends on so many factors like the type of the project you are involved in, your role in the project, how much we achieved the previous day, what is planned for the following days, etc.
I’m currently working in a project in the Master Data stream and, depending of the day, I’m conducting Impact Assessment sessions, looking for ways of improving processes or directly creating a new process from the scratch to be implemented globally.

What do you value working in your team?
It’s a sum of different things. But it’s about the people mainly, I really enjoy working in this team. It’s amazing the way we help each other and the spirit of cooperation I found in here. When you work with people willing to help you and in a healthy and friendly environment, your work is more doable and funnier.
Also, every day can be different and brings you the opportunity to learn new things. As I said, the developing part is amazing.

What capabilities should present a person who wants to work in the field of business transformation?
I would say that this person should have two main things. The ability of being  team player and attitude.
Team player, because we always work in the projects as a team.
And attitude, because having a good attitude and being proactive helps you and your team to move on. I always say that you can teach the knowledge to someone, but you can’t teach the attitude. If the person has the right attitude the knowledge will come.

What do you enjoy the most in your spare time?
I’m a very active person. I like any kind of sports but nowadays mainly gym, running, biking and swimming. I enjoy doing marathons and triathlons. Out of sport, I like to spend time with my family and I also like reading books, specially historical novels.

Do you see yourself in our team? Would you like to enter the world of Consulting, Advisory and Digital Transformation?

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