Meet our IT Architects: Krzysztof Podobiński

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Read the interview with Krzysztof Podobiński, Delivery Architect at Capgemini Poland and find out how the job as an IT Architect looks like.

Krzysztof Podobiński, Delivery Architect

What is your role in the team? What are the responsibilities of an IT Architect?
As a Delivery Architect in Cloud & Data Services, I’m responsible for supporting our Head and Operations Leads in deciding how we will provide services for our customers. This means working with Bid teams during solutions creation for new clients, cooperation with Learning & Development on new learning paths which will increase our capabilities, supporting our people on their development journey, shaping together with OLs how transition and RUN will look like and discussing with customers the new technical possibilities and risks.

In general, I would say IT architect should set the vision, transform it into understandable artefacts and motivate to make it happen.

What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?
Freedom. Freedom of opinion and freedom in deciding how work should be done. Of course, we have goals which need to be achieved, framework which need to be adopted, but also, we have a lot of space for searching of new solutions.
I can propose new ideas, discuss new ways with colleagues or clients and finally implement them at the end…
And I feel empowered to do so.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?
I’m proud of Capgemini for being a company where every employee can grow. There are so many opportunities to learn new things, meet great people or involve in such exciting projects that sometimes it was hard to choose just one.  But it is up to us in which direction we would like to go. During my journey with Capgemini, I was engineer, trainer, team manager, service owner and architect. Every one of these roles gave me unique experience and has broaden my horizons. All doors are open.

I’m also proud that my work is meaningful, and I can see real effects of it.  The effects of how my actions are influencing the way of work and services which we, as a Capgemini, are providing to customers.

How are you working towards the future you want?
I think that there are two pillars which can help grow. The skills and the people. For sure to be responsible for “bigger things” I need to know more. As a Capgemini employee I have access to great repository of trainings, courses, and other materials. So, I’m constantly developing not only my technical knowledge, but also so-called soft which is at least equally important as the hard one.

But, the knowledge is only the tool. To be a master, you also need to know when and how to use it. And this is the second pillar. The people. The community network, knowledge sharing sessions or mentoring with more experienced colleagues is something that can boost you to the sky.

What do you do after work? What is your hobby?
I believe that if you want to be good in something you need to like it, so for sure all these IT is my hobby.  But, also I have few passions which are not related to computer world. One of them is motorbike traveling.  I love those leisurely journeys during which I can just enjoy the views, the road and trip itself.
From many years I spend holidays on two wheels, traveling thousands of kilometers across whole Europe without any detailed plan.
There is just direction, the road, and whatever comes in way.
The other one is totally opposite of high-tech world – I’m a member of medieval reenactment group. With couple of friends, more than 20 years ago, we have started to reconstruct material culture from IX century and right now as one of the biggest teams in Poland, we are participating in historical events across the globe. We have clothes, swords, armors, and whole camp based on archaeological findings and you can find me with axe in the middle of battle or with a horn of honey enjoying feast afterwards.

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