It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

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Meet the HRInnHub initiative and its achievements in HR process automation.

The use of modern technology in HR departments makes personnel management and the recruitment of new employees easier. It is worth noting that the automation of HR processes also brings external benefits, namely a positive impact on the company’s image as an employer. It is for such reasons, among others, that the HRInnHUB initiative was created within Capgemini. Its founder and manager is Małgorzata Praczyńska, HR Automation Manager at Capgemini, who works within the IA Practice team on a daily basis. The ability to perceive the individual needs of HR departments and an enthusiastic approach to projects have resulted in the construction of tools that have been awarded in international competitions.

– Being aware of how important automation is for the functioning of every organisation, after many years of working at Capgemini I have observed a great need to implement this type of solutions also in the HR area, which requires an individual approach – said Gosia Praczyńska – So my interest in HR process automation started with creating internal macros for HRO Poland and for India (for internal team). We looked for areas that needed „help”. As it later turned out, it wasn’t a one-off situation – the topic started to grow…

Apparently the needs related to the automation of HR departments very often involved the need to build complex solutions based on artificial intelligence, which generated high costs.

– Many times they would thrown in the towel saying that it is impossible to build a tool that would be both cost-effective and improve HR processes so much that it would be worth investing in it – she added – Therefore, in order to combine both requirements and give employees an alternative solution to working only in Excel, the idea of establishing an initiative called HRInnHUB was born.

– The motto behind HRInnHUB is a quote from Walt Disney „It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – I chose it specifically to show that you can do that what was impossible for everyone else. That’s our answer to „it can’t be done” – Gosia Praczyńska concluded.

It is safe to say that HRInnHUB is an initiative that combines the strengths of IA, CIS and HRO departments within Capgemini, i.e., combines experience, knowledge and understanding of HR needs with technological expertise. The developers working here, with Gosia’s support, who manages the projects, are able to provide many different solutions. We are not only talking about minibots based on VBA, tailor-made for specific customers, but also about complex applications using artificial intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that it is not always the case that automation needs reported by HR departments have to be associated with huge labour costs in the preparation of applications. Often the tools created here can strongly support the daily processes occurring in HR departments, while maintaining a low cost and production time. They create new opportunities for business development and are applicable today not only in our local market internally but also in Capgemini’s overseas operations.

HR process automation as an image benefit for the company

– Our applications improve recruitment processes. They allow candidates to intuitively apply for a position or make an appointment for a recruitment meeting at a time suited to their requirements. All this not only speeds up the process leading to finding the perfect employee, but also helps Capgemini to be perceived as a modern and well-organised company – says Gosia Praczyńska.

Thus, an initiative such as HRInnHUB not only “cultivates automation in HR departments” and signals the need to streamline the work of these departments but it also contributes to creating a positive image of Capgemini in the labour market.

International awards

There are many tools created by HRInnHUB, some of which have been appreciated outside Poland and recognised in international competitions. Which applications are we talking about?

CV-up is a tool which utilises artificial intelligence to obtain data from CVs sent by candidates in recruitment processes. How does it work? It scans the CV of a candidate and, using their personal data, creates an account in the recruitment database. The purpose of creating CV-up was, therefore, to facilitate the analysis of submitted HR documents. In the past this type of information had been transcribed manually, which as we know significantly decelerated recruitment processes. CV-up has been recognised in the AI Breakthrough Award 2020 competition, receiving the award for the „Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution” (or the „Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution”). – this app can easily be called a „candidate assistant.” At the same time, it improves the work of recruiters immensely. offers recruiters up to three available interview dates. It allows you to monitor the status of the entire process and thus shorten the path leading to finding the perfect employee. was created in partnership with the Intelligent Automation team. The tool was one of the winners in the 2019 Hire Brilliance Award competition for its innovative use of technology, and was awarded ‚gold’ in The Exellence in Technology award category in the Brandon Hall Group competition.

AnGee – or „your answer generator.” It’s a VBA-based tool that, in simple terms, „reads e-mails” and finds keywords to send a response based on them. Additionally, it categorises messages so that they land in the right folder in the inbox and prepares reports. In a nutshell, we can say that it is used for advanced customer service and the so-called helpdesk activities. AnGee received the award for the „Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution” (Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution) in the AI Breakthrough Award 2021 competition.

HotDesks – a PowerApps-based solution for easy and user-friendly office space reservation. This is an extremely useful app especially in the era of hybrid working, when HR departments have to face the day-to-day reality dictated by the requirements of pandemic restrictions. The HotDesk app was recognised in The Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards 2021, receiving a ‘silver’ in the Exellence Future of work category.

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