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Alone we go fast, together we go far!

Three years ago I started Impact Together Week – a week full of volunteering activities – with the help and support of very passionate colleagues in the Financial Services business unit of Capgemini. While heading CSR activities for the business unit, I felt a growing need among my colleagues to find a larger meaning to their contribution and the will to engage with a cause. I saw this as an opportunity to lay the foundation stone of an immersive engagement activity and a platform to expose our colleagues and leaders to the idea of exclusion which is key to drive inclusion in society. Since then, the program has grown incredibly.

While attending the third edition of Impact Together Week (ITW) in October, I felt great joy and pride to see how far the program has come. We started in France in 2017 with 10 projects and 160 colleagues. Over the years the program has grown in leaps and bounds, thanks to the unwavering commitment and passion of team behind it. This year, the program was held not just in France but also in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Vietnam, with 600 employees engaged in 50 solidarity projects focused on the three pillars of our CSR strategy – diversity, digital inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Impact Together Week is a week-long CSR program that connects colleagues to causes which impact the lives of underserved communities and individuals. This year it was held between October 7 and 11, during which Capgemini employees across Europe came together as architects of positive futures to make a real difference by sharing their time and skills. This year was also special because it was the first time our clients were invited to join in.

Here’s a quick overview of the week through powerful photos.


The activities in France took place in Paris, Nantes, Montpellier, and Orleans.

Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR

Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR

We participated in a basic digital skills training activity at a digital literacy center in Paris operated by non-profit organization Emmaus Connect, which is also our global digital literacy partner. As part of the activity, Capgemini employees helped refurbish smartphones so that they can be used by the most in need.

Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSRImpact Together Week | Capgemini CSR








In Orleans, Capgemini Financial Services employees and our clients from Crédit Agricole went ice-skating with the beneficiaries of non-profit organization „ESAT.”


In Germany, ITW was held in Munich and Frankfurt.

Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR






We had the unique opportunity to meet elderly people from Marli Bossert Stiftung non-profit group in Munich. The organization works with and for elderly people to ensure they don’t face isolation. One of the dreams of the beneficiaries was to start a seniors’ social coffee project. Capgemini colleagues spent a day helping them brainstorm around their business plan to ensure it’s a success.


Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR






We celebrated cinnamon roll day with refugees in partnership with non-profit enterprise Nema Problema in Stockholm. This event was created to connect refugees with local people. As part of the activity, we had a kids’ corner with games, a quiz walk and a café station for free cinnamon rolls and coffee. The idea was to get people from diverse backgrounds to sit down and interact over cinnamon rolls and coffee, practice Swedish, and learn from each other.

The Netherlands

Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR






In Utrecht, we spent an eventful day helping refugees in their search for employment, guiding and coaching them to find good job opportunities. More than 60 volunteers from Capgemini Netherlands welcomed over 100 participants at our head office in Utrecht. Three activities were held with diverse groups ­– 40 highly intelligent children, 30 unemployed refugees, and 30 (grand-) parents ­– to discuss digital future, increasing job opportunities, and online risks/threats and cybersecurity.


Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR Impact Together Week | Capgemini CSR





In Vietnam, we opened our doors to young adults from non-profit organization Life Project 4 Youth in Ho Chi Minh City. The NGO works with youths living in extreme poverty to help them become entrepreneurs by starting small local businesses.

Impact Together Week 2019 | Capgemini CSR

I hope to see next year, even more Architects of Positive Futures participating to this wonderful week dedicated to build positive futures all around the world. I believe together we can and will make a real impact in society. Let us all do our bit to bring about the much-needed change around us.

I thank all our Capgemini volunteers, CSR teams, NGO partners and clients who made it happen!

At Capgemini, we want to be the bridge between technology and society. To achieve this goal, we are committed to Digital Inclusion, which is a key pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility program – Architects of Positive Futures.

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