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In your journey towards cloud mass migration it is important for your enterprise to make some well informed decisions.

In my last blog, we explored the steps needed to take the plunge into the public cloud. In this article, I will talk about how to choose one and whether you should choose only one.

Enterprises are looking to cloud service providers (CSPs) for more than just cutting costs and boosting efficiency. They want them to help solve specific business problems. CSPs are stepping up with an increasingly differentiated range of offerings to meet the specific needs of their customers. Cloud computing has moved beyond the commoditized utility phase, and now offers real opportunities for competitive differentiation at a granular level. But it’s a wide and complicated landscape to navigate and it’s changing all the time. While this is a positive development, it does mean that enterprises face a complex  decision-making journey when they consider which public cloud vendor to select for different workloads.

Deciding which platform to migrate to is the first big decision in developing the strategic framework. We believe that there are three core steps for evaluating potential partners to arrive at the best choice.

  1. Explore the full range of options and identify the strengths of each provider

If there’s one thing that characterizes the cloud computing space, it is that things change fast. The best approach is to map the CSP’s (including non-public options) strengths and weaknesses with your discovery results. Eventually your applications will tell you which way to go. The last thing you want to do is ask a CSP to tell you which platform you should choose. If you feel you can’t make a decision alone, involve a consulting partner, such as Capgemini who can help you.

  1. Business case is king

In my personal view, you should give equal weight to business case per CSP and output of the application assessment (discovery). The CSP and platform have to make sense for your application and they have to make money for your wallet. Make sure apples are compared to apples when trying to make a decision. CSPs tend to use their own methods and designs, which makes it very difficult for the end user to compare and make a valid decision. Again, this is where a consulting partner can help, they do this on daily basis.

  1. Salute the flexibility

It is most likely that in your target state you will end up on the hybrid cloud (if you think you are an exception, I would love to hear from you) and for this reason you may think that you have to pick one CPS. However, there is no reason you need to commit to only one vendor. Being agnostic by design is the key. Wouldn’t the ideal platform be one that delivers all of this together seamlessly?  Over the years, our team has worked with multiple clients and helped them to migrate workloads to the cloud and manage a hybrid cloud estate with multiple providers.

These three guidelines are not intended as an exhaustive list but rather a starting point to help enterprises make grounded public cloud decisions. And most importantly, let’s keep in mind that mass migration to public cloud, as discussed in previous blogs, is one important step to reach your target state. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Ready, set, go?

With the guidelines in mind and having done the discovery, you will have a clear idea on which provider or strategy to go for. With a “just do it” mentality, you are already on the right track, but there is still more to consider. From this point on you should start thinking about the transformation your organization needs to go through, as this will impact your culture, processes, and more.

Remember you are not alone, we are all in this journey together towards better digital world.

I’ll be happy to hear from you on your experiences and insights.

Special thanks to my coauthors, Lysanne Vossen and Aditya Sharma.

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