OUTfront – Capgemini’s LGBT+ Network

OUTfront is our worldwide network of LGBT+ and allies that passionately and actively advocates for diversity initiatives within the LGBT+ community. The initiatives are designed to develop an internal culture of LGBT+ inclusion and awareness in support of an open-minded working environment.

OUTfront’s mission is to support Capgemini team members by fostering a supportive, inclusive and understanding environment for LGBT+ and their allies, and to provide relevant information and coordinate activities which, raise awareness of issues facing the LGBT+ community at work.

What do we do?

  • LGBTQ+ days of significance
  • Ongoing learning and leadership programs
  • Supporting our International Assignment Services
  • Building a community of visible Allies
  • Participating in local and global events
  • Connecting with other ERGs to create a supportive network for everyone

We are inspired to create a culture where everyone has the boldness to bring their authentic self to work.

We are proud to achieve:

  • Capgemini North America recognized as “Best Places to Work” from HRC numerous years in a row, and Canada’s Best Diversity Employer
  • Capgemini Mexico achieved 100% from the HRC Equality Index on their first submission
  • Capgemini United Kingdom recognized as one of the Stonewall Top 100 companies for 3 years in a row
  • Capgemini Netherlands signed the Diversity Charter, which is part of the European network of 23 countries promoting workplace diversity
  • Capgemini France signed the Charter of L’Autre Cercle, the leading national organization for the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace
  • Capgemini Australia named Gold in The Australia LGBTQ Inclusion Awards and second-highest LGBT+ place to work on their first submission.

Latest LGBT+ Publications

LGBT+ Stories and Leaders

Janet P. Pope

NA CSR head

Shobha Meera

Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer