Oracle OpenWorld 2016

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 was a huge success for Capgemini with nine sessions and booth demos sharing rich content on our industry and Oracle technology expertise. Learn more about our cutting-edge solutions and gain insights into new ways to reduce complexity in your business by accessing the content below.

Find New Ways to Journey to the Cloud

Speaker Session Presentations

  • Implementing Enterprise API Management in Oracle Cloud

    How can you position each of the six Oracle Cloud services to deliver an end-to-end API management solution?

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  • Oracle IoT: The Fastest Way to Deliver Innovative Business Solutions

    Enable your client's business through Sogeti and Oracle's knowledgebase on IoT use cases and best practices.

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  • Oracle Service Cloud and PaaS: Best Practices in a Hybrid Environment

    Best practices for Oracle Service Cloud implementations in a hybrid environment.

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  • Cloud Journey Roadmap: Capgemini Cloud Readiness Assessment

    The Capgemini Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a roadmap to guide customers on their cloud journey.

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  • Oracle API Management in the Year 2026

    Learn how the digital landscape will evolve and the role that API Management will have in this brave new world.

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  • Microservices and SOA

    Introduce microservices into your existing infrastructure and where microservices makes the most sense.

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  • Organizing for Digital: Why Digital Dexterity Matt

    Take the high-level self assessment to gauge where your organization stands on the digital dexterity continuum.

  • Applied Innovation Exchange

    The Applied Innovation Exchange is Capgemini’s global platform that leverages a framework for action.

  • Capgemini’s Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Capgemini’s Cloud Readiness Assessment helps customers answer 'What is the value to us of migrating to the Cloud?'

  • Capgemini’s Cloud Transformation Program

    The Capgemini Cloud Transformation Program guides customers on a path to the Cloud, focusing on Change Management and Best Practices.

  • Take insights to the next level

    OBI 12c comes an array of new features that make upgrading from previous releases very compelling.

  • Realize Agile Analytics with Oracle BI Cloud Services

    Implement fast, agile analytics in the cloud with Capgemini and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

  • Capgemini transform Police (t-Police) solution

    Helps collaboration across boundaries


  • What will be Capgemini's technology focus for #OOW16? Blog by @leonsmiers

    The Capgemini technology focus for Oracle OpenWorld 2016

  • Blog: Functional advantages of #Oracle’s Procurement Cloud. #OOW16

    Integrated Analytics and Collaboration will change the future for Procurement

  • Why companies should invest in implementing storage tiering. Blog by @johanlouwers #OOW16

    Oracle Hybrid storage cloud

Videos from OOW

  • Automation and Oracle

    What role is automation playing in our work with Oracle? Gerry Leitao explains.

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  • Is Your Enterprise Ready For The Cloud?

    How do you know if your enterprise is ready for the cloud? Jon Lundstedt explains at Oracle OpenWorld.

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  • Have questions about Oracle Case Management?

    Have questions about Oracle Case Management? Leon Smiers can help or you can buy his book from Oracle OpenWorld store.

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  • How Can You Move To The Cloud?

    Thinking about moving to the cloud? Angie Sorscher can help you decide your transition plan.

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  • Deliver IoT Solutions Fast

    How do you deliver innovative IoT solutions in the fastest way? Marieke Vvliet & Rick van den IJssel explain.

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  • Oracle API Management

    Interested in Oracle API Management? Join Luis Weir today at Oracle OpenWorld 1230 Park Central Metropolitan

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  • Conquer the Last Mile

    How do you conquer the last mile in case management using Oracle SaaS and Oracle Paas? Leon Smiers explains.

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  • API Management and Microservices

    Capgemini's Luis Weir discusses how to unlock value using API Management and Microservices.

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