Your career path

From day one you’ll be encouraged to be bold, inquisitive and entrepreneurial. You’ll work in a team of supportive colleagues who will challenge your ideas – and will expect you to challenge theirs. Every opinion and idea counts here, and you’ll have a great environment to collaborate and grow your career.


It all starts before you join: to help you feel part of the team, we invite all our future team members to various events. Once you’re here, we will also assign you a ‘buddy’ to make your start as straightforward as possible.

On-going development

A mature, global consultancy framework will give your career structure and clarity, with competencies to master at every level up to Vice President. You’ll be guided through this by a specially-assigned ‘counselor’.

Performance reviews

360-degree feedback is an invaluable tool in your personal development – and it’s absolutely pivotal to our culture. Twice a year, we conduct full performance reviews, and throughout the year you can expect comprehensive feedback on both your performance and progress towards your personal career goals.

Learning and development

You’ll find a vast array of classroom, virtual learning and coaching to take advantage of. The impetus, of course, will come from you – your ambition, passion and curiosity.

Capgemini University

This is the hub for all learning within Capgemini Invent. Sometimes our learning is delivered remotely, through eLearning, virtual classrooms and local courses. Sometimes it happens on site, at our state-of-the-art learning centre in Les Fontaines, near Paris. Set in the beautiful grounds of an 18th Century château, the University brings people together from across the globe to stretch themselves, develop their skills and achieve their full potential. This is ‘next generation’ learning, wherever it takes place. Learning that is focused on sharing know-how, raising industry standards and further strengthening what makes Capgemini different.

Your career path

Working at Capgemini Invent will allow you to capitalize on your potential. We will support you in developing your passions and growing professionally. At each step in your career you will face new challenges and cultivate new skills and competencies. The learning never ends! Your own personal performance will be the driving force in your career. We will support your growth by providing ongoing training and mentoring, and giving you room to create your own professional projects.