Sustainable AI

Achieve low-carbon AI and power your sustainability goals

What’s the connection between AI and sustainability?

Both are probably at the top of your strategic agenda. But have you thought about how they impact one another?

AI will transform global productivity and efficiency, equality and inclusion, and a host of other areas critical to the Paris Agreement pledges. There is much to be gained from considering how your AI project can improve not just your organization’s prospects but all our futures.

Sustainable AI solutions can reduce pollution, shrink your carbon footprint and waste, and help counter global warming.

Our approach

We are already helping organizations harness AI to achieve their sustainability goals. This means thinking about AI from two perspectives:

  • Building Green AI by implementing the most resource efficient solutions: Achieving this involves understanding and mitigating the energy and carbon footprint of machine learning and its infrastructure.
  • AI for climate action: Efficiency gains are usually visible at the bottom line, but they can also support your sustainability vision and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Taking leadership here can be a powerful indicator of an organization’s values.

Implement the Green AI framework to cut cost and help save the planet

Green AI

Green AI

Build AI that is efficient and sufficient

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