SMART Analytics for Financial Services

Process actionable business information from all sources of structured and unstructured data quicker. Capgemini Smart Analytics for Financial Services offers pre-built models that can save 40-50% of resource effort, enabling customer analytics, operational analytics and risk management capabilities.

Business Opportunities Buried in Your Organization’s Databases

Financial Services organizations need new data analysis capabilities to keep pace with, and get ahead of, their traditional and new FinTech competitors. Ever-changing customer preferences and the need to offer services globally have pushed Financial Services organizations to innovate with various services and channels. Without consistent and scalable customer engagement models, how can banks measure and monitor success of their engagement initiatives? What defines exceptional customer experiences, and which service channels do their customers use?

Analytics Engine Powers Banking Applications

The Capgemini SMART Analytics platform includes advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics models and a visualization library relevant for customer-experience and customer-insight analyses. Banking applications include:

  • Closed Loop Feedback Solution — leverages big data technologies and business-data-lake principles to identify at-risk customers.
  • Next Best Offer Solution (NBO) — determines the priority NBO and preferred channel for each customers in near-real time
  • Customer Insight Analytics — functions including query, scorecards, and dashboards enable users to analyze and predict complex customer behavior.
  • Wealth Management Solution — analyzes data compiled from different sources and provides a unified customer view to the financial advisor; tracks financial assets to align with customer objectives.
  • 720 Customer view — helps in moving from generalized segmentation to micro personalization.
  • Predictive Customer Intelligence — to get instant answers with Search-Driven and Voice-Driven Analytics.

Get Smarter Analytics, 40-50% Faster

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