Data Platforms

We are specialists in modern data platforms who help clients to manage large amounts of data, and quickly process the data to gain advantageous insights. We build, maintain, and improve solutions on AWS, GCP, and Microsoft.

Capgemini has long experience with building and maintaining data warehouse and other BI solutions in Norway. We are one of the largest actors in Norway within business intelligence.

The BI market is rapidly evolving, and Capgemini aims to be at the forefront of new and exciting technologies. Much of the market is moving towards cloud solutions, either fully or mixed solutions. In this community, we focus on three different platforms, namely Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft (MS).

Our long experience of working with some of the biggest clients in both the private and public sector provides us with an exceptional foundation in BI and data warehouse. We build on this experience when we further develop our capabilities within AWS, GCP, and MS.