I&D Architecture Nordics operates as an accelerator to build good architects at all levels internally in I&D and attract more good architects from outside. To build competence internally, we are now in the process of improving a career framework for architects in I&D. The framework will provide consultants at all levels with further guidance on what the role as an architect in I&D entails, as well as provide access to the necessary material and requirements for the various degrees.

As architects we shape and translate business and IT strategies into realizable, sustainable technology solutions. By taking an end-to-end ownership for the customers’ solutions, we ensure it is designed for production and delivered efficiently and with integrity, while maximizing re-use.”

Architecture (or IT Architecture) is the process of development of methodical information technology specifications, models and guidelines, using a variety of information technology notations within a coherent information technology architecture framework, following formal and informal information technology solution, enterprise, and infrastructure architecture processes. Capgemini has one of Norway’s strongest communities within architecture and IT transformation.

We want to utilize the synergy effects between consultants with a good understanding of architecture in the project and the competence the consultants from Architecture possess. In this connection, we will focus to a much greater extent on architecture in new and existing projects in I&D.