Spotlight series: Bringing Digital HR to life – On Demand

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Watch a replay of our recent Spotlight series: Bringing Digital HR to life Webinar which we are now sharing as a webinar on demand.

Now vs. Future

  • Why is the classic “Dave Ulrich” HR Operating Model not fit for the digital age? What are the emerging HR Operating Models?
  • Are your co-workers nervous about the impact of automation and AI on the relevance of their skills?
  • Manage the end of Lockdown: How Companies will organize the return of employees to their workplaces accordingly, while guaranteeing their safety in compliance with health measures?

Building a sustainable digital and future-ready        workforce

  • HR is expected to drive the transformation of the workforce in the digital age.
  • What workforce transformation is needed during digital transformation?
    How would the workforce transform?
  • Is manually assessing the growing candidate pool time consuming and does not scale well?

HR Digital Transformation has become the new ‘business as usual’ – are you ready?

  • Why do companies experience disappointing results when implementing an HR Cloud solution?
  • What are the best practices for such HR Transformation during digitalization?
  • I Quit.
  • It was predictable.
  • Sorry… But…
    Did you see that coming
  • Retain your talent with KEEPZ

How to assure that the Business Case benefits are achieved after implementing Digital HR Solutions?

  • How to assure that the expected Business Case benefits are achieved after implementing Digital HR solutions?
  • Looking for a comprehensive NextGen rapid cloud deployable data platform and prebuilt business analytics solution in enterprise HR management space aided by Big Data, cloud and AI?
  • Need a prebuilt library of HRCI complaint 400+ KPI’s in R2R?

HR Reimagined – The new employee experience

  • How to Re-Imagine HR from back office HR administration to Value-Add?
  • “Workforce planning is one of the 10 biggest HR issues in 2019” according to a survey conducted of 800+ HR professionals by PeopleHR. Does “putting the right people in the right place, at the right time to accomplish the mission” sound familiar?