Model-Based Enterprise drives digital transformation in aerospace and defense

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Every major aerospace and defense operation in the world is pursuing model-based initiatives at some scale. Many are gaining new competitive advantages, superior customer outcomes, and more profits as they drive towards a Model-Based Enterprise.

The movement towards the Model-Based Enterprise is critical. The industry is changing rapidly, and four Cs are driving dramatic change: Connectivity, Collaboration, Compression, and Complexity.

This presents an opportunity: equip a changing, tech-savvy workforce with the tools and information they need to build smarter designs, products, and servitization models that better meet customer demands. The workforce can then do it faster, with the most advanced features, better quality, lower costs, and higher profits.

The MBE is a company that uses computer-based modeling and simulation, algorithms, and optimization capabilities in all aspects of the value chain. They are used in program development, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of assets and products, in a way that connects the models and data and makes them interoperable throughout the organization. It’s a vision of seamless end-to-end operations that reduces waste, increases lean operations, achieves Six Sigma, and improves customer satisfaction.

The power and advantages of becoming a Model-Based Enterprise and pursuing digital transformation are quickly becoming proven. Amidst rapidly changing data and analytics capabilities, a flood of new and promising technologies, increasingly demanding customers, and a quickly evolving workforce, companies are pushing themselves to be reborn, reinvent, revolutionize, and renew their enterprises.

Read more on how the MBE is today’s and tomorrow’s target, and how leaders are moving quickly into more mature and comprehensive visions for it.

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