Traditionally, organizations considered business process outsourcing (BPO) primarily as an exercise in cost reduction. Business functions were transferred to the service provider, and economies of scale and other factors resulted in lower overheads.
But that was then. Nowadays the old ‘lift and shift’ model has evolved. Cost efficiencies have been joined by other benefits – benefits of long-lasting and strategic significance to client organizations.
Nowhere does this have greater impact than in finance and accounting (F&A). Organizations taking advantage of new and comprehensive BPO models are seeing major improvements not just to the cost advantages they achieve, but to the levels of efficiency, effectiveness and control they can attain.
At Capgemini, we’re proud to have played a significant part in this evolution. Our world-class approach makes use of the wealth of assets and experience at our disposal, and is tailored to the needs of individual organizations to achieve outstanding operational and business outcomes – creating real and lasting value.
Our client organizations have moved beyond ‘lift and shift.’ They expect more.
So should you.