Consolidate your vendor landscape for business growth

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Spend less time and money managing technology vendors

The current economic climate is unprecedented. Companies are facing unique challenges and opportunities, and every management decision now carries greater importance as brands attempt to navigate this volatile market.

Cost optimization is now a necessity, and companies urgently need an efficient approach to thrive in the current business environment. The technology-management problem often present at the core of operations must be solved if they are to cope with these challenges.

The main issue is fragmented vendor landscapes. Too many providers for too many applications leads to greater risks, causes inefficiencies, and demands more IT oversight. By contrast, a consolidated landscape drives efficiency and standardization and leads to fewer handoffs and greater accountability from vendors. It also enables the company to reallocate management resources, so less time is spent on IT activities and more on performance management and direction setting.

Capgemini’s phased approach ensures a smooth consolidation process from start to finish. We also work to streamline processes to deliver further benefits and improvements, even post-consolidation. This solution addresses the common technology-management problem, enabling the organization to focus on new initiatives for business growth.

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