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Experience industry-focused guidance on your biggest challenges. So you can deliver customer-focused experiences to your most valued consumers.

Every organization faces unique challenges and opportunities. And every business knows that at the receiving end of its strategies and operations are customers who demand exceptional products, services and experiences.

That’s why we created the Capgemini Consumer Experience Center (CEC).

The CEC assembles our best and brightest solution experts from around the world to laser-focus on your chosen challenge or opportunity – and develop a clear plan action to drive you forward.

Not Your Typical Consulting Experience, but Designed Just for You

You likely already know Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) and that it uses a proven methodlogy to bring you valuable results. What’s new is that we are adding a comepltely new industry/sector dimension to your experience. Capgemini’s global industry practice brings you unprecedented access to deep industry knowledge, real-world experience and client case studies as examples. This base of experience from around the Capgemini Group allows us to augment the ASE with:

  • A network of global industry/sector experts from other regions and markets around the world
  • A way of tapping into a wealth of industry knowledge, beyond your local contacts, from Capgemini’s Global Sector practice of experts around the Group
  • Consumer and competitor research analysis to give you insights into how your rivals are competing, where your market is heading, and how your business should respond
  • An engaged action plan, accompanied by professional project management.

Your consultative experience begins with a defined, multiweek process to understand your business challenge and your business requirements. We assemble the right experts to give you a recommended approach to capitalizing on your opportunities. We then create an agenda for a day-long, action-oriented session to uncover the approach that will drive optimal outcomes for your enterprise.

The methodology is built on the Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) – a differentiating, patented methodology Capgemini has fine-tuned over years of real-world success. Our professional facilitators ideate and collaborate with you to accelerate your path to the business results you want.

We’re Industry-Specific – So You Can Be Customer-Focused

The CEC is intentionally designed to home in on the particular market realities of distinct industry segments, including:

  • Consumer products, retail, and distribution
  • Manufacturing, automotive, and life sciences
  • Energy, utilities, and chemicals
  • Telecom, media, and high-tech

Capgemini’s industry experts have amassed a deep library of knowledge of challenges and trends in each industry. We leverage those learnings to scrutinize the unique challenges your business must confront. We then combine the localized awareness of your account team with the global expertise of our most experienced experts. So, you benefit from relevant best practices and a customized action plan.

Your Customized, Pragmatic Action Plan

The CEC offers more than simple problem identification and solution brainstorming. You benefit from our proven methodology. You also gain insights into how your rivals are competing, where your market is heading, and how your company should respond.

Most important, you walk away with a customized, pragmatic action plan – with 30-, 60-, and 90-day milestones that propel you from concept to execution. You gain the insights, guidance, and tools to translate strategy and process into superior experiences.

The Capgemini Consumer Experience Center is your chance to reframe your most pressing challenge and seize hold of your most promising opportunity. Reach out and take the first step in advancing your enterprise to a new level of business success.

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