Recruitment process

If you are an experienced professional or graduate beginning your career, we look forward to learning more about you! Here is what you can expect when you apply to our team.

Recruitment process for graduates

In the recruitment process, after reviewing all applications, a number of applicants will be invited to the first round of interviews (60 min) where our aim and focus is to get to know you and understand your motivation for consulting. Within a week from the first interview, you will receive feedback and potentially an invitation to the second round (90 min) for a case interview. This gives the opportunity to become acquainted with the type of challenges a consultant often encounters in the daily work. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know more about us and our culture. Within another week, you will receive feedback and potentially an invitation to the third and final interview, typically with a representative from our management team and HR.

Recruitment process for experienced hires

If you are an experienced candidate with relevant work experience, the recruitment process typically consists of three interviews. Cases are often conducted as a complement to assess your analytical skills.

What will help you succeed in the interviews?

Interviews and case presentation can be high-pressure situations. We share some tips below to help you succeed.