Reducing the Digital Divide

Make the digital revolution an opportunity for all

As a responsible company, we are convinced that digital innovation provides a tremendous opportunity to build sustainable and positive futures, while inspiring women and men who will invent the future.

In 2018, 64% of our projects focused on reducing the digital gap in society caused by the digital revolution and automation.

By 2020, we will focus 80% of our social impact initiatives on promoting digital inclusion by supporting excluded populations.

Featured Testimonials

Anirban Bose – FS SBU CEO and Architect of Positive Futures in NA

“We are a people company. It is our responsibility to make sure that we provide leadership not only to selected few that are privileged, but work towards an all-inclusive growth across communities.”

Sanyia Saidova – Enterprise Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Services and Architect of Positive Futures in UK

"I signed up as a mentor because I support Capgemini’s ambition to make sure the advances in technology are inclusive. I was once one of those people who could have benefitted from a program like this, but I have been lucky to find other opportunities."

Leena David, CSR Team member and Architect of Positive Futures in India

“I have been a volunteer for a long time and it’s always an incredible experience. I want to encourage all of us to give back to society, not necessarily by donating money, but by giving our time and skills.”

Digital Skills and Digital Academies

Digital Literacy

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All Architects of Positive Futures

We know that the commitment of our teams is essential for turning our CSR ambition into a...


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