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Sustainability at Scale

Changing consumer behaviors and societal values in terms of environmental friendliness, social responsibility and economic inclusiveness are translating into a demand for corporate change. And, with regulatory scrutiny and demands also growing, particularly in sectors like energy, failure to act can be a costly and significant risk.

During the course of 2020, to understand the current situation – and to gauge where different industries stand – we published a range of sustainability research reports focusing on the consumer products and retail, automotive, and energy and utilities sectors.

This report provides a condensed version of the key themes that emerged from this multi-sector research.1 The implications and risks of climate change will be significant and sometimes unpredictable. Collaboration and shared learning will therefore be critical, which is why we think it is helpful to draw together the insights and learnings from different sectors.

Responding to the world’s sustainability needs will require a collaborative and shared approach.