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Digital procurement research: 2020-2021

The procurement function is ever evolving. The shift continues from a department responsible for cost savings to a department that can realize value improvements for the entire chain.

The procurement function is a cornerstone of the overall value chain and sits right in the middle between engineering, production, supply chain management and finance. Companies who can master the art of procurement are benefitting from faster order cycle times, higher process efficiencies, larger bottom-line savings and lower overall costs. With this, optimizing procurement means improving margins and competitiveness.

However, procurement efficiency is still one of the top priorities for CPO´s with technology as a key enabler for efficiency gains, so setting up a digitization roadmap is an important milestone to reach. But the global landscape for digital procurement solution providers is complex and diversified, and therefore difficult to navigate for procurement and IT departments.

Capgemini Invent has published the Digital Procurement Research for more than a decade to support our clients in achieving a comprehensive overview in this complex technology environment.  This study contains some of the best practice learning’s from these numerous projects and a comprehensive market overview of more than 30 procurement solution providers around the world. It will support procurement experts to identify the right fit partners for their digitization ambitions with additional expert articles covering a variety of interesting topics and trends in the world of procurement.