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Trust in transparency – Looking into bridging the gap between business and IT

Jaap van Arragon
February 11, 2021

Most of today’s businesses are inherently complex – and as organizations become larger and more diversified, there’s an increased need to standardize and organize tasks in order to keep operations on track. But how do you do this? How do you effectively measure the adoption of a culture of continuous transformation across your business? How can you ensure that the operational activities and priorities of your teams reflect and contribute positively towards your broader business strategy and goals? Simply put, it all boils down to leveraging operational transparency.

Increased transparency = improved trust, teamwork, and business decisions

Transparency is key for acquiring deeper insight into the quality of delivery necessary to achieve KPIs – and it’s one of the most important elements in determining performance quality. Increased transparency acts as a funded decision-aid – especially in terms of reasoning and problem solving. Thus, it can positively influence customer attitudes (including acceptance and trust). In addition, your teams’ efforts will also play a huge role in achieving greater maturity around automation as a whole. So essentially, transparency brings trust – the foundation of great teamwork – which then ensures that business and IT can align faster and more closely for better decision making.

Capgemini helps bring transparency to clients by creating near real-time dashboards and smart insights to help them gain more insight into:

  • Delivery metrics – are we good enough or is there opportunity to improve?
  • Ticket status – historical trends and upcoming ticket breaches and predictions

Security concerns – to ensure business and customers are always up to date with the latest information surrounding possible vulnerabilities.

This means that both Capgemini and client have the same information – and that’s how we build trust between business, IT, and external partners.

Transparency can have a huge impact on your business. In one of my previous blogs “Why application logging helps in achieving great things,” we already discussed how utilizing log data can help you achieve more operational efficiency. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Transparency can really help in optimizing business and IT. For instance, by leveraging end-customer services, such as bringing transparency around the use of log data or how we monitor customers’ use of our web applications to get more information or insights. Customer insights are of extreme value to us, as they help us optimize our own processes and web applications, in order to enhance end-user experience.

We’ve already established that transparency can really help in bridging the gap between business and IT. One example of this is the leveraging of data around end-customer services. Here, we can extract insights around how end customers are using our web applications, so we can better optimize how users engage with the business. More specifically, we can offer customers more relevant content, improved experiences, and even generate more leads through our digital channels. And transparency on the data involved brings valuable insights from the business perspective, in order to get the innovative engine going on the IT side.

What does a lack of transparency look like?

Of course, people are often reluctant to really be transparent about things that are going wrong. For instance –mistakes that impact end-user experience, the misuse of developed applications, or even issues with developed code quality. By creating transparency on both business and IT sides, we can better relate to each other’s challenges in this already fast-paced world. Loss of valuable customer data and the resulting negative press can harm the reputation of an organization. And from an end-user perspective, a lack of transparency could also have major impact on client satisfaction, trust, and relationship as a whole.

Automation – the clear choice for unity

Automation is a prime candidate for effectively addressing the above potential visibility issues. The right automation partner can help bring heightened transparency between your business and IT function. And in my next post I’ll show all the possibilities automation holds for the effectiveness of your operations, the delight of your customers, and your future vision as a whole.

In the meantime, connect with me here so we can get started on your automation strategy immediately!