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Is becoming an Intelligent Enterprise your chicane?

David Lowson
August 12, 2020

We’re watching the industry being reshaped by several mega trends and, with the recent pandemic, the implementations of industrial internet of things (IIoT), AI/ML, digital twins, advanced robotics, blockchain, etc. will prevail in the renewed customer-centric era we are stepping into.

A McKinsey study on monetizing car data showed that around 50% of customers are comfortable sharing data with OEMs, and with assurances the data will not be sold, that share goes to 75%. So how can Capgemini and SAP fit in the equation of becoming a digital platform provider and agile transformation partner?

While the answer has many blocks, in this blog I’m going to only highlight one of the many blocks in the extremely critical supply chain area – the global initiative SAP S/4HANA Cloud for automotive suppliers. A program where Capgemini and SAP co-develop new offers to help automotive suppliers facilitate rapid innovation, acceleration, and scale new business models. Essentially, this helps OEMs and automotive suppliers leverage standard SAP products such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform in combination with Capgemini’s global automotive expertise in consulting and application services for accelerated cloud deployments and plug-and-play, ready-to-run solutions.

While we are actively working on digital twins through PLM platforms and have a few conceptual ideas on blockchain with guarded ledgers for transparency, my focus here is on Capgemini’s recently launched side-by side application, deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, called Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive (CIA4AUTO). CIA4AUTO answers what most SAP clients have asked for decades: “How do I know what needs my attention now?” Automotive companies have data. The challenge is extracting data in real time and making that data work for you. CIA4AUTO is constantly reading data from the SAP environment (tracks sales orders, pricing, deliveries, receipts, IDOC/EDI inbound and outbound, and invoices, agreements by vendors, etc.), monitoring for expected transactions. It notifies users when things haven’t happened or were posted outside of tolerance. CIA4AUTO has a machine learning feature that learns how users interact with the notifications. By learning what is important to the user, it adjusts the notifications to be more in line with what the user is reacting to.

Using alert notifications that are persona specific, the CIA4AUTO is proactive. It looks through a user’s entire “world” and watches for things that 1) should be happening and aren’t and 2) things that are happening but not as expected. It’s no surprise the app is already part of the SAP-certified pre-configured solutions AutoPATH, which is about leading practices and promotes the standardization and simplification of business operations.

The magnitude of change is too vast to cover in a two-minute article, but I hope you get a sense that we’re ready to tackle the intelligent component of the automotive sector. We’re receptive to changing customer dynamics and experience, innovation in mobility and the connected era, engaging a tech-savvy workforce of the future and most definitively, managing the complex interwoven digital global supply chain. Let’s talk. Contact me directly to learn more and if you think chicanes can be maneuvered rather than be a cause of a slowdown or simply cause you to crash because you aren’t steering correctly.