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Green or brown – Why not be color blind?

November 10, 2020

You want to run the Renewable Enterprise but don’t want to drag the waste and obsolete parts with you that once served well in your SAP ECC. All that extra is a burden to move quick and fast in the intelligent world. But on the other hand, you cannot effort or don’t want to throw away your bespoke solutions that are not part of standard SAP. So, you are at a crossroads, one road going the brownfield path and the other going the green path. Your business is not so digital, you want and need more color options!

Well, good news! Capgemini and cbs have joined forces. What does that mean? With the Selective Data Transition (SDT) tool of cbs and Renewable Enterprise SAP S/4HANA knowledge of Capgemini combined, more colors are available. We provide you with the option, as we call it, the rightfield approach. Sound nice but what is that, just another color? No, our solution gives you the freedom of determine what data you want to move to the new Intelligent Enterprise. With SDT, open and/or closed process data can be selectively be pulled from the source and be translated in the new SAP S/4HANA according the new setup of processes and (master)data. Some samples (colors), split or carve out of Company Codes and/or Plants, harmonize processes & data (e.g. Controlling Area Merge) and consolidate and integrate (e.g. merge SAP systems).

You might ask yourself, is this technology proven? Yes, it is! Over 1,500 successful projects in more than 80 countries speak for them self. If you like to see more colors, please reach out to my college Sander Zijlstra or me (Kim Zelders).

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