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Capgemini Academy: Delivering the best for the Ministry of Defence

23 Nov 2021

Capgemini and the Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands have been working together since long and it is now a relationship that goes beyond business. In case you weren’t aware, the Capgemini Academy has robust training offers both in class and completely online that are highly rated by learners. The Academy offers a wide range of curriculum relevant specifically for the defence sector – both to IT recruits in the armed forces and our in-house consultants. Read more to find out if you could benefit from such sessions…

Training on the armed forces turf

The Capgemini Academy offers basics of programming and developing software to young professionals from the Dutch defence. Customized software and IT tracks are designed for new hires, which they attend as they wait for security clearance before their final recruitment.

Trainings in software development, Agile and Scrum, Programming and Maritime IT are common. We visited the Maritime IT center at the Den Helder naval base to check what the naval recruits thought about our curriculum. Watch the video below to see what we learned from our firsthand experience.

This is not all. Trainings go the other way round too. Experienced senior leaders from the MoD come into Capgemini to familiarize our consultants in the nuances of defense. Often, we find Capgemini employees crowding classes taken by colonels and generals to learn more about the armed forces. Let me tell you about a couple of such master classes we held at Capgemini…

2019 master class: Fostering interest in the armed forces

A master class of five modules was held at our Academy to encourage Capgemini consultants in the Defence sector, and to understand our relationship with MoD better. Every module was presented by at least one expert from the MoD and one from Capgemini. The kickoff was managed by the head of the CIO office, from whom we also got an assignment to work on during the masterclass. Colonels and generals from the defence were so enthusiastic that they asked us whether their employees could also attend the sessions.

2020 master class: Data as the key theme

While 2020 saw COVID-19 cases rise, we did as much as we could to keep the wheel of learning running for the defence with a master class on data as the common theme for Airforce. The general in charge of transformation pitched in and they created assignments for 5 nights addressing top 5 challenges/issues that the defence typically faces. At the end each team reported back with innovative solutions along with transformation opportunities, and a big network was created. Not to mention the cool air balloon ride for the thrilled winning team.

The Head of Innovation from the Airforce along with his counterpart from Capgemini jointly presented on data platforms and challenges. Ron Tolido, our CTO Insights & Data also took them through a TechnoVision session to structure their thoughts.

What’s next on our learning agenda?

As interest and enthusiasm peak, we have to keep innovating the courses we offer. What could be the next theme for our master class: border management? ICT transformation? Digital defence? Whatever it is, we need to get aligned with the future needs of the defence.

If you are looking to know more about our curriculum, please check out the course menu at the Capgemini Academy.

About the author

Jasmijn Baldinger,

Account Executive, Ministry of Defence

Jasmijn Baldinger is the Account Executive, Ministry of Defence at Capgemini based in the Netherlands. With more than 21 years of experience in handling diverse technology driven strategic accounts, Jasmijn is an expert at solving complex issues on multiple levels – typically in association with executives. Her growth mindset has led her to initiate several innovative programs that address the future requirements of a swiftly changing defence sector.