Consumer Products & Retail

The Consumer Products and Retail sectors are undergoing one of the most profound paradigm shifts since the beginning of modern commerce. The digitalization of everything, from interaction through to shopping, through to products, and through to channels, has meant unrivalled opportunities and threats to the world’s Retailers and Consumer Product companies.

Our Expertise in Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer Product organizations have started to leverage the transition from traditional TV and printed media to consumer engagement. Organizations are focusing on effective channel-agnostic, truly customer-centric and imminent Uberization of fulfillment, hence, the game has been truly changing.

Most of the leading Retailers and Consumer Product companies are aware of the changing environment. Knowing the changing trends are not enough, the challenge is to know where the trends are heading, how to respond to it and how to successfully execute upon this insight.

Our clients are looking for more than brighter young sparks that can make glossy PowerPoint documents. Our clients need true partners that help them get results; someone that knows their industry, that knows the opportunities that digital can bring, and, critically, someone that knows how to actually make it happen. It’s not just about the right answer; it’s about the right outcome.

Capgemini Consulting has worked with 26 of the world’s top 30 retailers over the last few years and 16 of the world’s top 20 leading Consumer Packaged Good’s (CPG) companies. We are amongst the strongest and fastest growing Consumer Product and Retail (CPR) consultancies globally, a testament to the tangible results that we continue to deliver with our clients.

Our Offerings in Consumer Products & Retail

Our integrated offering across Management Consulting, Application Services and Outsourcing means that we are one of only a few companies globally that support clients on their end-end transformation journeys.

While we have strong experience and expertise across the entire CPR domain, our specific offers are the following:

  • Differentiated Digital
  • Customer Experience
  • Future Proof Physical Stores
  • Analytics & Insight
  • Consumer-Centric Supply Chain
  • Digital Consumers
  • Integrated E-Tail
  • Consumer & Shopper Insight


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