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Future of Connectivity and 5G

Delivering on the promise of Intelligent Industry requires seamless connectivity, ultra-low latency, and high-speed data access.

As companies pursue the future, 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) serve as the catalyst for change, unlocking incredible new levels of innovation, efficiency, and connectivity across various sectors.

5G isn’t merely the next big trend in the Telecom industry—it’s a revolutionary force that will fulfill the potential of Industry 4.0.

Deployed in conjunction with Edge computing, 5G delivers the high-speed, low-latency, and ultra-reliable mobile broadband that can reshape our world in unforeseen ways, fueling ground-breaking innovations and services in communications, healthcare, transportation, energy, manufacturing and beyond.

Capgemini stands as a future-ready connectivity partner, boasting 20,000 telecom experts globally, including 3,000 with 5G and Edge expertise. Since 2019, our team has successfully executed more than 1,100 5G projects, supporting 500 clients worldwide on their journey to transform their business and their industry with the technologies of tomorrow.

Experience the future of connectivity with industry-focus 5G labs

Accelerate your 5G journey and monetize services with our innovative global network of 5G labs.

What we do

Leveraging 4G/5G solutions to elevate Public Safety Mission Critical Communications systems

Capgemini is a trusted partner for public safety authorities and Telecom players, delivering end-to-end transformation of critical communications via 4G/5G networks. We serve as a resource for Communication Service Providers and authorities, guiding organizations in defining network strategies, designing and developing infrastructure, and managing operations and transfers.

Key services include:

  • Comprehensive program management
  • User transformation
  • Network & systems transformation
  • Business & operations transformation
Investing in advanced networks to meet the increasing demand for high-speed and low-latency solutions

nvesting in advanced networks to meet the increasing demand for high-speed and low-latency solutions
Navigating the path to 5G and Edge, Telcos face a daunting array of challenges: high infrastructure costs, spectrum allocation, regulatory hurdles, multi-vendor integration, security, and interoperability, just to name a few.

As a premier system integrator, our team helps Telco operators seamlessly integrate their infrastructure, utilizing next-gen open connectivity to create transformative, cloud-based networks. Our automation solutions cut operational expenses, while our software frameworks simultaneously accelerate time-to-market and boost efficiency.

Leveraging the incredible expertise of our global team, we help our clients address the myriad of challenges they face, enabling them to craft unique networks that meet their diverse connectivity needs—all while enabling faster and cost-effective upgrades, optimizing CSP networks, decentralizing computing power, and delivering immersive, innovative services.

Accelerating the connected solutions development process by 30-60% with comprehensive software frameworks

Telecommunications companies face numerous challenges when integrating software frameworks, including vendor lock-in. Despite these challenges, the advantages of implementing such frameworks are significant. They offer quicker time to market, increased agility, innovation, and future readiness.
Capgemini provides comprehensive services to help Telcos efficiently adopt software frameworks, reducing time-to-market for innovative services, achieving seamless integration, and optimizing resource utilization. Our software frameworks provide more than 125 licensable building blocks and innovative business models for the co-creation and co-development of new technologies across all connectivity domains, helping organizations drive cost savings, improve customer experiences, and increase agility.

Delivering heightened reliability, uninterrupted uptime, and customized features to meet the unique demands of businesses with private 5G networks

For some organizations, establishing a private 5G network may be necessary to ensure dedicated and customized connectivity, meet specific operational needs, maintain security requirements, and achieve high reliability in their industrial processes.

Capgemini helps organizations accelerate this process, leveraging our collective experience in IIoT, cloud computing, security, ERP, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), analytics, and AI, as well as our robust system integration capabilities, to assist clients in addressing critical 5G implementation queries through private networks. Our support extends to operational and financial benefits, aiding in architecture selection, cybersecurity strategy, provider choices, operational models, and internal team structuring.

Key services include:

  • ROI-focused business case
  • Pre-integrated infrastructure solutions
  • Customizable Industry 4.0 applications
  • End-to-end ecosystem orchestration and integration

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Evolving 5G experiences

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Feb 27, 2023

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