Fabian Schladitz

I’m currently head of our Center of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence. With my team I help create a common portfolio, support the account teams to customize the offers for their client’s needs and we work on new, exciting solutions with the latest technologies around AI.

I help clients to get AI into production through solid architecture, proven delivery and outside-in ideas. I bring a rich history of sector insights and technology expertise from web-scale transaction systems to big data solutions and AI production systems.

With my previous role as head the Big Data & Analytics team I’ve established the skills to feed the AI with large amounts of cleaned data, to combine data swiftly and at low cost and to support the maintenance of complex systems made of cloud components as much as open source libraries.

That puts Capgemini in position to bring AI into production and to improve top-line and bottom-line of our clients.

Fabian Schladitz

My experience

Head of CoE - Artificial Intelligence @ Capgemini

Jul 2018 - Present

Head of Big Data Analytics @ Capgemini

Jan 2015 - Present

BI Consultant @ Capgemini

Feb 2011 - Dec 2014

Software Developer and Architect @ Internet

Apr 2010 - Feb 2011