Digital Manufacturing

Dr. Markus Rossmann

Expert in Aerospace, High Tech Solutions, Life Science, Manufacturing

I believe in business benefits through digital transformation enabled by innovative use of technology.  I help my clients steer their journey to smart, connected products and plants. Therein, mobility, connectivity, analytics and cloud solutions play a vital role being inherently secure.

Dr. Markus Rossmann

My experience

Program Manager, Enterprise Architect @ Software company

01/08/2002 to 08/16/2006

Solution-Architect, IT-Architect @ Software company

01/24/2001 to 11/13/2002

Scientific Engineering Researcher on Neural Networks @ Higher Education

11/16/1994 to 10/27/1999

Management Consulting and Enterprise Architect in various industries @ Capgemini

09/20/2006 to 12/18/2012

Principal Digital Manufacturing @ Capgemini


Principal Connected-Products Automotive @ Capgemini

10/07/2015 to 05/11/2016

Account Executive Research, Development, Production Automotive @ Capgemini

01/23/2013 to 09/15/2015