HR Digital transformation has become the new ‘business as usual’ – are you ready?

In this webcast, our experts will address topics such as:

HR Transformation during digitalization

  • Companies are very often experiencing disappointing results when implementing an HR Cloud solution (independent from the Cloud vendor)
  • The real value for an HR Cloud implementation comes from the adaptation and transformation of the HR organization, because only then the advantages of the new solution can be really leveraged

What is KEEPZ?

  • Manage attrition rate and fulfil business goals by predicting talent loss and providing actionable counter measures
  • SCORE- Predict and classify employees by attrition risk and business impact using ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
  • FACTORS- Explain by giving insights into employees’ motivation for staying or leaving
  • ADVISORY- Provide mitigation strategies to retain key talent to help act
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June 10, 2020 11:00 am