Digital Enablement of Intelligent Automation – Webinar On Demand

Watch a replay of our recent Intelligent Automation Webinar which we are now sharing as a webinar on demand.

Now more than ever organizations are looking towards Intelligent Automation (IA) for a step improvement in business performance while they continue to deliver services at the quality their clients expect. How can IA help you, how can you do it digitally and where to start? Watch the webinar and learn about key components of IA, how to remotely automate your organization and secure the desired operational efficiencies and business outcomes. The webinar includes a panel a panel discussion with two clients who Capgemini has supported through full implementation – Henrik Weber, Digital Transformation Director, SAAB and Giovanni Leoni, Head of Automation, City of Malmö.

For more information about Intelligent Automation, please contact one of our experts: Mattias Cederlund and Partha Panda.


Mattias Cederlund

Expert in Intelligent Automation

Partha Panda

Expert in Business Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Robotics Process Automation