Cybersecurity Webinar On Demand

Watch a replay of our recent Cybersecurity Webinar which we are now sharing as a webinar on demand.

Today our organizations are needing to very rapidly respond to a changing reality – evolving often differently across the globe. Many employees are required to work remotely and there is a need to have a clear and safe control over the entire value chain.

This webinar, led by Niall Merrigan, cybersecurity practice lead in Norway, covers the topics of a simple cybersecurity readiness assessment. He also provides recommendations on how to action items that such an assessment highlights as needing attending to quickly reduce your risk profile.

What are your security needs? Let’s go through the standard security needs list and identify
What is your security risk profile? Let’s assess your readiness.

How security fit is your biggest risk? Let’s review essential do’s and dont’s your employees must follow for them and your organization to be secure.

For even more information about cybersecurity, please contact our expert :-
Niall Merrigan