IgnITe Capgemini Graduate Program

IgnITe offers a 18-month training program which, running in parallel with customer assignments, will give the participants a broad understanding of the Culture, the People, the Ways of working, the Role as consultant and Career paths at Capgemini.

We at Capgemini are always on the lookout for highly driven, newly graduated individuals. IgnITe provides a tailor-made development path for new graduates and helps them grow from a graduate to a fully qualified consultant. IgnITe runs in parallel with your customer assignments and provides advanced courses.

You are in charge of your own career, building your network, taking on responsibility, and sharing your ideas on how you want to develop within the organization.

Are you curious about a normal day at the office look slike. Here is Philippa and Fery’s story:

Be empowered to shape your career

The 18-month Graduate Program contains role-adapted development as well as elements that include your graduate colleagues. As Capgemini is a global company with operations in more than 40 countries with 250,000 employees, there are no limits to what you can achieve with us.

The program goal:

  • In addition to their client experience the goal is to provide a training program where graduate will develop a strong competence within their area of expertise as well as their soft skills as a consultant.
  • Encourage graduate to lean forward and take an active role in building their Capgemini network and at client sites.
  • Strengthen the Capgemini community with social activities
  • Strengthen Capgemini’s Employer Brand within the market and towards young professionals.

Networking is one of the core components in building a successful career at Capgemini and IgnITe offers plenty of opportunities through dinners and events to build and develop your internal and external network

IgnITe program 2019

Working as IT consultant

From day one at Capgemini, you will be a part of an IgnITe team, working with senior team members on customer engagements. Working in close collaboration with our customers, our goal is to help them meet the business challenges of tomorrow. Your technical competence is important to us and we will invest in your education and certifications, as well as invite you to contribute to our popular competence networks. Visit upskill.no for more information about our communities and upcoming events.

IgnITe have different streams with different focus areas and you will belong to one based on your technical skills and area of interest. The different streams have customized education plan with both teacher led training’s, certifications, self-studies from a wide range of internal and external educational materials and other events that will boost your role as a consultant here at Capgemini.

The different roles/competency areas that are available within the Graduate Program are as follows:

  • Java
  • Microsoft
  • Frontend
  • CRM (SalesForce, Pega, Mulesoft)
  • Platforms
  • Analytics

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