Renewable energy sources gaining traction in North America

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Even with uncertain government policies, solar and wind are becoming more popular in the US and Canada as the costs decrease and utilities realize the opportunities in new energy.

According to Capgemini’s World Energy Markets Observatory report, North America experienced a 14% year-over-year increase in the availability of renewable energy. Even with tariffs and differing policies, utilities are starting to see beyond just the price when investing in new energy sources.

The report also showed utilities in North America are starting to embrace their changing roles and adopt a services model. Prosumers want more than just a bill at the end of the month, so utilities are responding by investing in electric-vehicle charging stations, home-comfort services, and energy services for industrial customers – and they are establishing business units to pursue new forms of revenue around these opportunities.

Perry Stoneman, Global Energy and Utilities Head at Capgemini, discusses how ideal locations in North America are helping utilities expand their renewable business and the importance of transmission and distribution networks to connect to these new energy sources.

Listen to how North American utilities are preparing for the renewable energy future.

For more energy and utilities insights and analysis, tune into our World Energy Markets Observatory podcast and read our blog on five trends that will transform energy and utilities in 2019.

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