Shaking Agility in 2022!

June 9th 2022 |17:00 to 21:30 CET

Gartner states that organizations will need to adapt to succeed, stating “The radically distributed software engineering resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic exposed process and skills gaps that impact the ability of organizations to successfully deliver applications. The ‘new normal’ will be led by organizations that are able to quickly identify and address the critical skills needed to drive their business”.

So, Agile goes mainstream!  Perhaps fueled in part by an increasingly distributed global workforce, the 15th State of Agile Report shows an explosive increase in Agile adoption across the functions of the enterprise. Since the first report 15 years ago, it shows a steady increase in the number of organizations adopting agile practices and processes, both inside Development and within non-IT groups including Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing.

So, after a long period, finally we can meet again! We are so happy to welcome you back at our office at Utrecht! In a lively session we will bring you some topics that are either shaking Agility now or will be shaking Agility in your organization soon. Together with AdvantageYou and some special guests we will explore several topics during the event, some of them related to the topics mentioned in Gartner’s report.

We will open the event with Ron Tolido, CTO and Chief Innovation Officer, who will share his vision with ‘be like water’. On top of that, we are really honored to have Joel Riddle, Global Agile coach of Nike to elaborate with us a bit around their Agile journey.

After these impressive speakers, we’ll have breakout rooms regarding:

  • Agile Contracting: The Game Changer
  • Agile Transformation: think big, learn fast
  • Not at the office? Don’t worry: Best Practice with an Online ART Launch and PI planning

The event will be held on June 9th 2022, from 17:00 to 21:30 CET. Please register for the event.


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