Innovate by gaming

The world of eSports and gaming is defined by rapid growth and fanatic fandom. A maturing pop-culture that offers innovation and engagement opportunity for businesses. Together with eSport and gaming expert Nick Bertha we discuss the current state of gaming and the related business opportunities. Tune in if you want to know where the eSports and gaming world is headed and how you can use of the growing gaming space when you are not a gaming company.

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Speaker: Nick Bertha

Nick is a lifelong supporter and studier of the growing gaming & esports industry, and is Capgemini’s expert in the field. His interest in the space comes from the angle of growth and innovation – thinking about how the space has changed, is changing, and will change, and why. He also has a strong understanding of gamers and gaming culture, and has recently helped an outsider brand enter the market by targeting the unique needs of specific gamer segment.

To date, Nick has engaged with many companies both inside and outside the gaming ecosystem, and can speak to the nuanced challenge they face. His publications can be found on Capgemini Invent.

Host: Lisa Marie Brouwer

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oktober 20, 2020 5:00 pm
oktober 20, 2020 6:00 pm