Live Webinar: How to address today’s growing IT challenges

This webinar is a great opportunity for you to get a better understanding of how to improve your asset inventory management in a continuously changing environment and learn from a real-world example of how we’ve increased client ability to respond.


  • Welcome and introduction – Sebastiaan de Vries, Capgemini
  • Client Case Story – Arag
  • Introduction into a platform-based approach – Jimmy Aldjah, Tanium
  • Panel discussion – All
  • Closing statements – Sebastiaan de Vries

Hear from our experts:

Marjolein Smeets,
CTO Arag (Guest Speaker)

Marjolein Smeets is CTO of ARAG NL. In this role she is responsbible for the digital transformation to lead ARAG NL and BE to the Group strategy of becoming a smart insurer. Next to this she is responsible for the operations team of ARAG and in this field for the increasing focus on security. What drives her is to offer the most pleasant, future proof and secure way of working for both employees and customers.


Sebastiaan de Vries,
XDR Stream Lead, Capgemini

Sebastiaan de Vries has a background in both Compliance, security analytics and Incident response, all of which come together in in his expertise of Exstended Detection and Response. His daily focus around keeping client environments safe and secure leads him to challenge existing notions of cyber resilience and risk management resulting in future proof solutions where business and IT work closer. Transforming Security from a necessary cost to a enabler for business growth is what he does best.


Jimmy Aldjah,
Director Technical Partner Solution Engineering, Tanium

Jimmy Aldjah is the Director for Partner Technical Solution Engineering at Tanium. He has 20+ years’ experience in IT from AIOPS, DevSecOps, Next-Gen monitoring, Cloud to Endpoint Management, Client, and Capacity management.
Jimmy joined Tanium in Apr 2021 and in his current role, he uses his experience and knowledge to provide solutions which align to and support Tanium’s customers business goals.  His goal is to act as a trusted advisor and deliver solutions that drive business value for Tanium’s customers.


The Teams at Capgemini and Tanium would like to apologise for the cancellation of the live webinar ‘How to address today’s growing IT challenges’ on Thursday 31st March.

However, we are delighted to share that Marjolein Smeets, CTO, Arag will be part of an upcoming series of videos that Capgemini and Tanium will be releasing soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!’   

Our Experts

Sebastiaan de Vries

Meet Sebastiaan de Vries, Expert in Incident Response