How Edge Computing empowers data-driven decisions in the world around us

Want to know more about Edge Computing and its use cases? Join the 8th edition of the AdvantageYou Internet of Things Event on Thursday November 11th, 2021(19.00 – 21.00 hours CET).

AdvantageYou organizes an Internet of Things (IoT) Event on Thursday November 11th, 2021 (19.00 – 21.00 hours CET). We like to welcome you to join this inspiring event on Edge Computing and its usage, brought to you by Capgemini, clients and partners.

Data-driven decisions

In this age of Digital Transformation the use of data is more important than ever. In the creation of data-driven decision-making, IoT plays an important role. A recent development in this area is Edge Computing: acquiring and processing of data where it is needed, and thus presenting and using information while not connected to the cloud. Machines that function autonomously, capable of reacting with split-second decisions to changes in their environment and of collaborating with each other: autonomous vehicles, ships, drone swarms and robots that explore the corners of the solar system. Sensors that continuously provide insights about the world around us, even in remote locations with constrained power and connectivity: in buildings and across cities, on wildlife and in the environment. Smart cameras that are better able to safeguard privacy because they perform all video analysis onboard and the images never leave the device.

Technological developments

Edge computing, that is performing computations ‘on location’, might sound like a niche technology but it is actually a key enabler for many exciting applications. As the technology continuously develops and we are better able to leverage it, such examples will become more common: strides in power per watt ratio have brought hardware-accelerated AI to low power devices, efficient ML algorithms that can be deployed on constrained devices, advances that make the edge ever easier to manage and easier to leverage computing resources anywhere in the network making the edge become cloud-like, and datacenters that can exist in small low powered devices anywhere.

Join the event

Clearly, edge technology is accelerating, and its usage will multiply rapidly with it. In this event you will learn about edge computing. Topics will be from a broad spectrum such as use cases and business opportunities, about gateways and supporting communication technologies, the latest developments in AI on the edge, and much more.

We invite you to join the 8th Internet of Things event organized by AdvantageYou and CoP IoT. We will be hosting a variety of break-out sessions where different aspects of Edge Computing will be highlighted and discussed, preceded by a keynote presentation.


The keynote will be presented by Shamik Mishra, VP & CTO Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering, and the title of his presentation is: The Emergence of Edge Computing as a distributed cloud platform for immersive and IoT applications.


Name, function, company Title
Frans van der Lek, IoT architect, Capgemini BTS Image recognition and physical access control automation – edge analytics practice and theory.
Arnab Das, VP and Head, Connectivity CoE, Capgemini Engineering Edge computing in Industrial Networks to run Use Cases with high compute workloads (such as Computer Vision/ AR-VR)
Lukas Birn, IT Transformation Director, Capgemini An introduction to Edge Computing
André van Harn, IoT architect, Capgemini BTS A reference architecture for Connected Laboratories using Edge technologies
Neil Carey, Regional Director, Multitech and Campbell Elder, Global Services Manager, Multitech How to enhance your LoRaWAN edge computing capabilities
Gudmund Aasgaard, Cloud Solution Architect, Capgemini Apps Closing in on the edge with TinyML, TensorFlow Lite and, ESP32
Ruud Zwakenberg, Solution Architect, Red Hat Living on the Edge with Red Hat open source technology


Two working days before the start of the event you will receive the link to join. We’re looking forward seeing you online on Thursday 11 November 2021!


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