Smart Products & New Business Models

New operating concepts, optimized product development and engineering processes, along with re-shaped product and service portfolios, enable companies to transform with smart, connected products and new business models.

Intelligent products are reshaping industry boundaries and enabling a new era of hyper-personalized customer experiences. To transform traditional products and services into sustainable smart ones requires a customer-centric and agile development approach.

We accelerate this journey along the entire product lifecycle, from innovation to market roll-out of new products and digital services. We leverage innovative methodologies and strategies, such as digital continuity, model-based-system engineering, intelligent product development, sustainability, business model innovation, platform design, and customer-centricity.

Our cross-industry experience across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, life science, aerospace, and agriculture, enables us to tailor individual approaches that expedite speed to market. We help clients explore, design, prototype, and develop smart innovative products and new business models for sustainable growth.

“Leverage digitalization to get the most value out of your smart, connected products and asset portfolio.”

Create new revenue streams with connected products & services

Improve engineering efficiency with new digital operating models

Accelerate speed-to-market with agile product development

Transform end-to-end product lifecycle management for sustainability & efficiency

Develop modern products with Connected Systems Engineering