Enterprise Transformation

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Disruption isn’t new but the pace of change is accelerating. New competitive threats, rapidly advancing technology, the impact of the pandemic, and an increased awareness of sustainability are pushing businesses to transform to stay competitive, to survive, and to grow.

We make transformation happen. We help clients adapt to be more agile, resilient, relevant, and sustainable. Achieving this demands purpose-led strategy; improved, data-driven business processes; a focus on employee experience, intelligent HR and culture; and an enabling technology landscape.

At Capgemini Invent, we bring together a unique blend of strategy, process, people, and technology expertise, combined with the power of data, to deliver your end-to-end transformation. We expand your digital footprint and drive sustainable business growth.

It’s how we make transformation succeed – from the inside out.

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To drive sustainable growth, business leaders need a clear strategic vision and the right processes in place to bring it to life. Our Corporate Experience building blocks set the strategy, operating model, and redesigned business models needed to make this happen. From post-merger integration to procurement and finance transformation, we help to define and build change. We enable organizations to transform from siloed corporate functions to achieve a holistic corporate experience.

Corporate Experience

Corporate Experience

Strategies for sustainable transformation

Meet our Experts

Volker Darius

Expert in Digital Transformation, Enterprise Strategy

Claudia Crummenerl

Expert in Change Management and HR Transformation, Human Resource, Workforce Transformation

Benjamin Alleau

Expert in Business Technology

Conor McGovern

Expert in AI and Analytics