Een dag in het leven van een CISO

Even voorstellen: Jane, een pas benoemde Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Jane schrijft een persoonlijke blog, waarin zij vertelt over de uitdagingen waarmee zij in haar nieuwe functie wordt geconfronteerd, en beschrijft hoe zij altijd kan vertrouwen op Capgemini dankzij de oplossingen in het pakket Control and Secure your Assets.

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Meeting up with three experts to discuss the best way to GDPR compliance

While many organizations see GDPR as purely a data challenge, I’m fully aware of the vital role of security on the journey to GDPR compliance.

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It’s my birthday!

I’ve been in my new role a whole year already! I think it’s time to review the last 12 months.

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Catching up in Germany

How can we ensure the security of connected vehicles?

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Capgemini’s SOC proves itself within two weeks

How did I ensure the safety of my organization through constant monitoring of operations?

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance making sweet music

What did I do to protect my organization from penalties & reputational damage?

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Contracts, contracts, contracts

How did my organization improve the contract compliance processes in a secure manner?

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Uncovering the truth about fraud

How did I deal with the increased exposure to fraud while protecting my organization?

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Responding to the escalation in ransomware attacks

With the rise in ransomware attacks, I had to take necessary steps to limit the risk to my organization. This is my 7-step response plan

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Time to prepare for GDPR

With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, time was ticking to get our data protection and privacy policies up to scratch

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Asking the right questions about cybersecurity

How do I ensure that my business is resilient enough? Is my organization compliant with security regulations and corporate policy? Is it possible to combine digital transformation with acceptable risks?

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Bright IDaaS from Capgemini

It is very important that the right person connects to the right data at the right time. How do I ensure that the employees of my organization are accessing the right resource with the right level of security?

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Putting new apps to the security test

How I ensured that the apps were tested for vulnerabilities without impacting time to market?

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Threat Hunting: Capgemini’s proactive approach to cyber-breaches

Even when I have deployed effective cybersecurity controls and tools, should I assume 100% security? Am I protecting data that has already been compromised?

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