How Governments Are Using AI Today and Tomorrow?

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Capgemini recently presented its approach on ‘How Governments Are Using AI Today and Tomorrow’ at the Webinar Week online event on 19th May.

Download the webinar PDF here and to watch the video click here

Together with Microsoft we covered the following topics during the webinar:

  • How AI can help the public sector in the coming decade?
  • How mastering data will be essential to fulfill the full potential of AI?
  • A real-life use case focused on validation of identity documents based on AI and ML

Feel free to take a look at our offers for the public sector here.

We welcome you to join us for a AI – value discovery workshop where we help you explore the full potential of your data and enable your AI-infused transformation journey, specifically tailored to your organization and needs.

In the workshop, we will walk you through the below topics in addition to your specific areas of interest:

  • How to start with implementing AI use cases?
  • What are the use cases that are interesting in your context?

We look forward to an engaging session with you.


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