Capgemini has experienced that in the traditional IT Infrastructure Services a large part of IT spend is used for the manual handling of exceptions. Following Pareto’s famous rule, we even know that companies spend up to 80% of their time to solve 20% of exceptions.

This made us think and rethink over and over again. We went through endless discussions, scribbled on whiteboards, wiped them out, and started all over again. We prototyped, until we really started imagining. What if we could build an environment that truly brings added value and that truly brings efficiency? Would it help us to drive our business better? And would it help us to help you drive your business better?

Well. This is exactly why we developed our ground breaking Global Services Platform (GSP). GSP allows you to shape a world where automation brings added value and efficiencies around the clock. It opens up a universe where reporting and analytics are no longer a burden but a blessing. A blessing because finally you can anticipate on what matters most to your business and helps you to solve issues that need to be solved using powerful cognitive automation. Most importantly, it is available at your fingertips and around the clock.

GSP delivers Big Data, IoT, (business, services and technical) and automation, and is able to connect an abundance of data sources, both traditional and real-time floating data.

GSP incorporates the latest cloud features and integrates with public cloud providers. It has a diverse set of build-in orchestration tools and fits with modern analysis and simulation tools for controlling of business processes. GSP is compliant with the European legislation and hosted in the EU.

If you want to know how this works, call me for a demo.