The Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam on March 9, brought together over 6.000 participants from a range of mostly Dutch organizations. Personally, I found this to be an exciting event; an event filled with opportunities for our customers and delegates to fully experience Salesforce. We got the opportunity to showcase Capgemini’s offerings and had many interesting conversations with delegates who were not aware of all the innovative offerings we have implemented for our customers. The day was filled with inspirational discussions, informational workshops, breakout sessions, and exciting keynotes – all rich in information. I am really impressed with the World Tour this year. Salesforce took it to the next level.

One day of information – a year of innovation

At Capgemini, we were very excited to bring Salesforce into our value proposition, helping customers become truly connected and customer-driven. We were a Platinum Sponsor and it was definitely worth it! We saw specific interest in Odigo, one of the leading Cloud based telephony offerings, and IoT-in-a-Box, which enables customers to start experimenting with IoT at a low level, with a relatively small investment. When it came to Financial Services (FS), the All Channel Experience (ACE) for banking and insurance offerings were quite popular.

Of products, platforms, and possibilities

The World Tour was a jam-packed day of getting to know Salesforce products and the full platform capabilities. Overall, there was a lot to see, not only presentations but also learning opportunities in the Trailhead Zone, where many new features were showcased. I noticed a lot of interest shown in Wave Analytics which provides great new possibilities to get insight in your data. Our AppExchange partners had all kinds of offerings at hand. My favorite was an offering called Sales Screen. This app provides the possibility of introducing gamification to the Salesforce platform for sales representatives, to support better performance, create competition among them, and reward the high performers. Many things we experience in the consumer world, in our personal lives can get introduced in the business world via the gamification element. This is a great new development which our customers will feel is worth looking into.

We were able to hold fruitful and engaging conversations with customers – both potential and existing ones, wanting to know about our other offerings as well as looking for a partner to take them to the next level in their Salesforce implementation.

Accelerating the Power of One with Capgemini

Speaking of acceleration, what really stood out for me at this event is our Field Service Lightning (FSL) Accelerator. Given the fact that we are the only system integrator (SI) who can offer this, what’s exciting about this product is that it has been co-developed with Salesforce in the United States. I strongly feel that when it comes to implementation, we have a very clear approach, that of a Collaborative Business Experience™ (CBE), where we work in sync with the customer. In all our implementations, we aim at working closely with our customers, as one team, with the same goals, both striving to make the implementation project successful for the customer’s business.

I enjoyed meaningful conversations with delegates, prospects, and customers explaining what Capgemini is doing in the digital domain, not only with Salesforce but across our full spectrum of digital offerings. Personally, it was a chance to meet several new customers and better showcase Capgemini’s approach to projects and how we differentiate from other system implementers. In a Partner Theater session, Frank Bennis, Global CRM Program Manager at Watts Water Technologies Inc. shared his experience of how we implemented Salesforce for them. This was a very inspiring session, as it worked as a success story about our Salesforce implementation.

Looking ahead

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem.  As one of the few Global Strategic Partners, we are working on providing our customers the best experience on the Salesforce platform. As Salesforce is introducing new products to their stack like commerce cloud, we see a huge opportunity for our customers to get the maximum out of their Salesforce investment and really use it as a customer engagement platform.

Our already established relationship with Salesforce on the FSL Accelerator is a good example of where Capgemini is going and where we will invest. In the future, I envision Capgemini to really lead the pack and invest in our customers, in the technology, in Salesforce, and in our business relationships. This would ensure that we deliver the best technologies to our customers, today, instead of tomorrow, giving them a competitive advantage and aligning all the Salesforce products. All in all, this was one of the best World Tours we’ve had so far. I’m looking forward to the next event which will be Dreamforce and next year’s World Tour!