During the first week of my career at Capgemini, I have met many people from all over the world. There were people from the United Kingdom, Poland, Croatia, and even India and we were all sharing ideas about work and how to provide excellent services to our customers. After the onboarding, I was assigned to a team that focuses on building Business Data Lake-as-a-Service (BDLaaS) using the Hadoop stack. The team has designed a fully automated platform which enables us to deploy an operational big data lake within several hours. The platform not only reduces the time to deploy, it also reduces huge costs because infrastructure engineers won’t have to focus on installing a big data lake anymore.

The way our platform has been automated allows us and our customers to focus on what really matters: solving business problems with analytics on big data. With this platform, our customers do not have to worry about things like capacity, availability, and continuity anymore. We offer them a fully managed solution on a pay-per-use basis where they have the assurance that everything has been thought of and is fully compliant with their requirements.

The next step for our team is to improve the platform and provide our customers some new services. One of these services is integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT), which basically comes down to being able to measure things like temperature, moisture, distance, or anything that is in our customer’s interest. If we combine this by putting the sensor data in our big data lake, we will be able to gain intelligence by analyzing the data. But before we can offer these unique services to our customers, two team members and I went to Florida to seek opportunities with one of the global leaders in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. Our main focus was on finding and providing solutions for our customers. With Capgemini being able to deploy a big data lake and this company having an enormous amount of experience with IoT-devices, by combining these capabilities, we will together be able to provide a unique new experience to our customers.

Our main focus is providing a fully managed solution to our customers in order to solve their business problems and gain competitive advantage. I have been working at Capgemini since October and love the way the company is driven by innovation. Combining big data with the Internet of Things is just the start of a new era and everyone in the team is continuously seeking new ways to provide a competitive edge to our customers.