Nelson Hall: Capgemini Announces New Testing Tool For Capital Market Industry

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May 06, 2009 | New Offerings by Dominique Raviart

industry: Other Banking

Capgemini Financial Services, its unit focusing on the financial services sector,
has announced a new
testing tool, FIX Protocol Testing Accelerator (FPTA), for capital market clients.

FIX is a standard protocol used for exchanging information regarding trade of
securities trade and of other
financial instruments such as futures, options, equities and currencies. It usually
is customized by clients
to fit their own specific needs. FPTA is a set of tools that provides a gap analysis
between the standard
FIX protocol and the client’s own implementation of it. Once the gap analysis
is completed, FPTA will
genereate automatically test requirements and test scenarios and cases that, according
to Capgemini,
will cover 80% of the needs of the client.

FIX Protocol Testing Accelerator is a joint effort between primarily Capgemini
and HP and two other
technology vendors HP provides its testing execution software, Aegisoft its FIX
protocol testing
environment tool and Blueprint its tool for capturing best practices.

FPTA is productivity tool used by Capgemini for functional and non-functional
testing. It currently has two

Analyst comments:

There are several rationales for the launching of FPTA:

  • Current testing software tools focus on actual test execution primarily. As a
    result, potential for
    productivity enhancements remain in the areas of test preparation. Capgemini claims
    focuses on test preration and is integrated with HP software tools for test exection
  • Testing is by its very nature very industry-specific. However most test automation
    software tools
    are cross horizontal. FPTA brings a focus on sub-sectors such as capital markets
  • Testing software such FIX protocol used in capital markets requires deep domain
    FPTA helps in capturing this domain expertise for domain requirements and guides
    testers in
    testing the system without them needing a deep domain expertise.

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