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Client story

Major tire and wheel retailer uses AI driven PVA to better connect with customers

Experience is Everything

Client challenges

A major US tire and wheel retailer wanted to sharpen its competitive edge by improving the customer experience and strengthening its omnichannel presence. Specifically, the retailer wanted to roll out a technology solution that would enable it to better connect with customers booking appointments with its service center, and reinforce its reputation as a forward-thinking, technology-minded organization.


Together with Capgemini, the tire retailer rolled out an AI-driven Personalized Voice Assistant (PVA) powered by the latest Intel® technologies as well as Google’s Cloud platform. Using natural language processing the solution enables customers to use voice to book appointments with the service center from either their mobile phone, Google Home/Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices.


  • Greater customer connectedness, unified experience across all touchpoints
  • Better insight into customer behavior
  • Strengthened omnichannel presence, improving competitiveness

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