Capgemini’s Aspire contract: Novation of Fujitsu and Accenture contracts

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As previously highlighted Capgemini, HMRC, Fujitsu and Accenture have worked together to finalize the transfer of the main Fujitsu and Accenture subcontracts to HMRC. This will enable HMRC to take direct management of the Fujitsu and Accenture contracts from 1 January 2015. These two contracts would have represented an estimated combined revenue of €270m for Capgemini in 2015, with a very limited impact on profits. This implements arrangements that were agreed in 2012 in a Memorandum of Understanding.

This novation of Fujitsu and Accenture brings the Aspire contract closer in line with the latest government contract and outsourcing guidelines. Capgemini continues to work collaboratively with HMRC and this latest update continues to underline Capgemini’s commitment to the UK public sector.


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