Capgemini Supports Naandi Foundation through Unique Leadership Training Program

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In a first for Capgemini, teams in Finland and India have jointly developed a unique leadership training program called “Leading Together.”

This program combines elements of Capgemini’s Rightshore® global delivery model with innovative approaches to leadership training and corporate social responsibility. It aims to foster a global network of leaders with a strong commitment to the communities where they live and work.

Leading Together” draws on an existing partnership with the Naandi Foundation, one of the leading anti-poverty organizations in India . The program brings together 12 participants from the Finnish and Indian Capgemini teams. Participants work together to devise a strategy to raise visibility for Naandi on an international level.

According to program participant Vikram Rao, “We are using our skills as leaders and change makers to propose innovative ideas and strategies to the people involved with Naandi and work together as one team across borders.”

The “Leading Together” initiative is a model of collaboration, one of Capgemini’s core values. Through this project, the Finnish and Indian teams develop and share best practices for the Rightshore® approach to international resource-sharing. More broadly, the program aims to reflect and enhance the corporate social responsibility values that guide Capgemini’s relationships with the international communities in which it operates.   

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