Capgemini supports International Women’s Day

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[Capgemini shows its commitment to women and International Women’s Day with a group-wide mobilization.]

2008 marks the second year Capgemini has focused on raising awareness around International Women’s Day. Last year’s campaign sparked numerous women’s initiatives and events related to diversity. Building on this important groundwork, there was an energetic response around the group this year.

In the UK, Capgemini team members used International Women’s Day as an opportunity to increase junior staff involvement in the Women’s Business Network. This network was established to maximize women’s career opportunities at Capgemini, attract and retain talented people and enhance business success.

Capgemini India celebrated International Women’s Day at 3different locations. The Mumbai Women’s Council invited Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio City, to share her experience and insights. In the same vein, the Kolkata WC invited Dr. Gargie Keenie, Vice-President of Tata Consultancy Services, and the Bangalore WC organized a conference with Hema Narayana, a distinguished speaker from the field of education and literature.

Capgemini began supporting International Women’s Day in 2007 in order to highlight issues and opportunities for women across the company. Through events like International Women’s Day, Capgemini affirms its commitment to advancing women in management and supporting diversity throughout the group.